Volume 7 (2020)

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The skipper Tracy Edwards has a big dream but no crew and no boat – tiny problems compared to the chilly head wind and open machismo the 26-year-old Englishwoman is met with by the male dominated sailing scene of the 1980s.

On September 2nd, 1989 time is up: Tracy Edwards enters the prestigious Whitbread Round the World Race with her boat Maiden and history’s first all-female crew. The ridicule by the press and their opponents soon turns into disbelief as Edwards wins the second leg of the race in her class. Maiden tells the singular story of a pioneering voyage – 33,000 nautical miles towards equality.

Film information

Length: 93 min
Direction: Alex Holmes
With: Tracy Edwards MBE, Jo Gooding
Production: 2018, New Black Films
©Aaron Lieber


In the ocean I can just be me,“ says Bethany Hamilton. Those familiar with her story will find this remark deeply ironic – simply because the ocean stood to rob her of everything, when Hamilton was just 13 years old. A budding talent on the Hawaiian surf scene, Hamilton is attacked by a tiger shark, instantaneously losing her left arm. What would have been the end of a promising career in surfing for anybody else, marks the starting point of Bethany Hamilton’s tour de force in the sport she so loves.

Unstoppable is the story of an ocean lover, who defies the card life has dealt her with exceptional will power and athletic prowess, turning herself into one of the most celebrated and prolific female surfers on the planet.

Film information

Length: 33 min
Direction: Aaron Lieber
With: Bethany Hamilton
Production: 2019, USA, Lieber Films in association with Corkcicle & Ripcurl
©Peck Euwer

Diving Deep

The Life and Times of Mike deGruy

A guy like Mike deGruy had to be born in a place like Mobile, Alabama. Here, where five rivers meet the ocean, his fascination for water and all life within it became obvious at an early age – as did his unbridled energy and will to explore. After finishing a degree in marine biology Mike deGruy found a camera or rather it found him, sending him on his life’s trajectory of ocean exploration and education. He became one of the most prolific and skilled ocean cinematographers und a fierce advocate for ocean protection.

Diving Deep is not only a tribute to his life but also a celebration of the principal emotion he exuded and still elicits in all his work – a sense of wonder.

Film information

Direction: Mimi Armstrong deGruy
With: Mike deGruy, James Cameron, David Attenborough
Production: 2019, USA, The Film Crew inc
©The Armstrongs / Arthur Neumeier

The Armstrongs

This South African surfing family lives a life not many would deem conventional. Ian is a provider, shaper, Big Wave surfer and above all else, a father. Him, his wife Lee and their eight children and one grandson redefine what is “normal” and challenge the perspective of modern family values. The Armstrongs share strong bonds with each other and the ocean; making a point of placing well-being, unity, love and a genuine connection with nature above financial gain and status. This is their story.

Film information

Length: 8 min
Direction: Arthur Neumeier
With: The Armstrong family
Production: 2020, South Africa, Eyeforce in association with Stitch Post

Dean Goes Surfing

Dean is passionate about three things: Waves, breakfast and the Queen of Rap, Rihanna. And like any surfing teenager, he can think of nothing better than spending a day in the waves: “I’m like a human fish. In the water, it’s like I don’t have Down’s anymore.” Dean goes Surfing is a celebration of life by the beach and a testament to the ocean’s power to unite people with all kinds of abilities.

Film information

Length: 4 min
Direction: Caitlyn Greene
With: Dean Marion, Lindsey Mercer
Production: 2018, USA, Voyager